Travel In A Motion Picture! These 7 Real Life Adventure Movies Are a Must Watch

Movies tend to inspire us and good movies even more so; add travel to that and what do you get? A mind-blowing, beautiful concoction that calls out to the traveler inside of you.

Here are 7 travel movies based on true events:

  1. Into the Wild - This movie is especially for college students, as the pressure of graduation, getting a job and starting a career builds up, abandoning it all to travel the world seems like an attractive alternative.
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  1. The Way Back – ‘The Way Back’ helps you realize the vastness of the journey and what the real life protagonists must have been through.
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  1. Tracks - This is a much watch for all the solo women travelers around the world and gives them the best possible message: “Leave everything behind.”
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  1. Gorillas In The Mist - A must watch for animal rights enthusiasts who love to travel. Warning: You might end up bawling from time to time.
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  1. 127 Hours - This movie won’t exactly ‘inspire’ you to travel solo but will make you realize that sheer will power and determination will get you out of the toughest spots in life, quite literally.
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  1. North Face - This film is a travelogue back in time, from Berlin to Bavaria to the Swiss Alps by bicycle and train. North Face is by far the most watched mountain climbing movie.
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  1. Wild - This movie is an inspiring tale for all solo women travelers, and it is bound to trigger the traveler inside of you, especially when Cheryl reaches the Bridge of the Gods.
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