TRAVEL DIARIES! 7 Reasons Why Travelers Are Better Than Non-Travelers

Travelling once in a while is going to teach you many life lessons along with languages, cultures, religions, good times, bad times and a lot more. Here are 7 reasons why you should experience the life of a traveler:

  1. Manages fear – Constant travelers are constant risk takers. They put themselves in situations where they can’t look back. That’s the only way to overcome your fears. Face them!
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  2. Out of the comfort zone – Travelling does not mean having all the luxury of a perfect accommodation, a healthy meal and a good sleep. It also means having the bare minimum which might not always suit your comfort zones. Step out of it!
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  3. Learn to trust – Travelers invariably have to rely on the locals they meet for road directions. If you won’t trust them, you won’t be able to move ahead in your journey. Trust them!
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  4. Be confident – Even when you feel vulnerable, don’t bring that on your face. You don’t want to be taken advantage of. Learn to fake the confident look and deal with the situation. Fake it so you make it!
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  5. Managing emotions – There are going to be times when you’ll want to cry your heart out or just scream out of frustration. Eventually, travelling will make you learn how to deal with your emotions. Face them!
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  6. Have conversations – You’re going to take a lift from that one truck full of lonely travelers. What do you do then? Sit silently throughout the journey? No! Have random conversations with people. Talk it out!
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  7. Live in the moment – Travelling is where you’ll not want to be disturbed by work, college or anything else. You’ll just want to be in that place and will want to live it. Be just there!
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So you know, travelling is going to change you as a whole. Experience it! Read more about travel here!