Top 10 Highlights of the Olympics Opening Ceremony 2016!

The Olympics Ceremony held this Friday welcomed the world with a bang! Held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil celebrated its high energy and cultural biodiversity. “I’m the proudest man alive, the best place in the world is here and now!” said Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

Not only was it fun and fabulous, they also broadcasted an important message – Let’s take better care of our planet. In the city of carnivals and beaches, the 31st Olympiad also celebrated those who struggled to acquire their athletic success.

From fireworks that never fail to amaze us to samba dancers shaking their hips, here are the highlights of the Olympics opening ceremony -

  1. Fireworks
    Synchronized fireworks kicked off the ceremony with fireworks such as a firework spelling the word ‘Rio’ and a firework shaped as the Olympic rings!
    source - timesfindia.indiatimes.com/

  2. Olympic cauldron
    75-year-old Pele, Brazil’s most famous athlete was unable to light the cauldron due to poor health. Instead, Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, who won the bronze medal in 2014 for marathon lit the cauldron.
    source - twitter.com

  3. Gisele Bundchen
    Rio’s most popular song ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ was played while Brazil’s beloved model Gisele Bundchen walked down the entire arena. Wearing a gorgeous dress by Alexandre Herchovitch, she looked absolutely stunning!
    source - nbcolympics.com

  4. Kipchoge Keino
    Former Olympian Kipchego Keino from Kenya was awarded the first Olympic Laurel. He was awarded due to his immense social work for helping orphans in Kenya.
    source - rio2016.com

  5. Climate Change
    To raise awareness about global warming, a beautiful presentation was made where a peace sign shaped as a tree was placed in the center. "The heat is melting the icecap," a voice said in the Maracana Stadium. "It's disappearing very quickly."
    source - usa.hir-portal.hu

  6. Samba in the Stadium
    A burst of colour was observed as samba dancers grooved in the stadium.  Samba music was featured throughout the event to celebrate Brazil!
    source - charlotteobserver.com

  7. Dance performers
    Performers did various dances in cool backdrops such as colourful boxes and illuminated ropes! You wish your dance parties were as lively as these!
    source - hollywoodreporter.com

  8. Abhinav Bindra leads India
    The Indian team was led by five-time Olympian Abhinav Bindra, followed by 119 athletes, which is the highest number of Indian athletes to participate in the Olympics so far.
    source - newsnation.in

  9. Michael Phelps leads USA
    With more than 500 athletes competing, the USA team was one of the largest group at the games. The flag bearer was none other than the swimming superstar, Michael Phelps!
    source - hollywoodlife.com

  10. Rafael Nadal leads Spain
    The athletes from Spain marched through the stadium, led by the flag-bearer Rafael Nadal. The tennis champion was dressed up in a crisp blue blazer, looking fine as ever!
    source - starrfmonline.com


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