To Pack Or Not To Pack, That Is The Question! 7 Things You Must Pack For Your Hiking Trip!

Are your hiking plans finalized? Have you discussed your locations? Have you researched everything in detail? We know you have! But have you packed your rucksack yet? The dread!

It’s not easy getting your head around packing for a hiking trip because you don’t know what you’re going to face and you can’t take everything you ‘think’ you’ll require! Nonetheless, putting together a few things isn’t rocket science!

So, here are 7 things that are recommended for a hiking trip.

  1. Essential Clothing

Packing light is our motto. Keeping that in mind, pack a few t-shirts and two quick-drying pants. You need to keep the weather of the destination in mind and pack accordingly. Pack extra pairs of socks and lightweight running shoes.

Hiking clothes Source - herpackinglist.com/

  1. Other essentials

Trek-type towels that are 100% absorbent and super-fast drying. Umbrella/rainwear, if necessary. A small knife which will come in handy in various instances.

Hiking essentials Source - itstactical.com

  1. First Aid

Customize a small medical kit that will get you through emergencies. Keep in mind that pharmacies are commonly found. So, you need not pack heavy-duty first aid kits.

First aid Source - hikeitlikeit.com/

  1. Wash Kit

Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, small soap, razor, detergent and other toiletries are necessary. However, carrying travel-size amounts is recommended.

Wash kit Source - letsroamwild.com

  1. Hydration

This is a no brainer! Carry platypus-style water bottles that deflate when empty. This way you’ll avoid unnecessary weight.

Hiking essentials Source - squarespace.com

  1. Care essentials

Sun block creams, wet wipes, sanitizers and female-hygiene products might seem unnecessary but are quite important.

Source - therainbowladyblog.com Source - therainbowladyblog.com

  1. All things electronic

Are you into photography? Carry a decent quality camera or micro cameras that are pretty reliable. Carry extra memory cards, LED torches/flashlights, a mobile phone and extra charging cords.

Hiking essentials Source - mobile.1080.plus/

Note: If have second thoughts about whether or not you need a particular thing, you probably won’t need it!

With that said, happy hiking!