Tisca Chopra’s Viral Casting Couch Video, and 5 Other Exposed Scandals

The glitz and glamour of Bollywood shines bright, but apparently not bright enough to blind us to its darker side. While there are many instances where we’ve looked the truth in the eye, the casting couch scandals seem to be the most staggering occurrences ever. Directors abuse their position of power and trade work for sexual favors from struggling actors. This corrupt practice has been going on since time immemorial.

From small-time starlets to A-list actors, most of everyone has faced the casting couch question. Here are 9 such people who were involved in this unethical crime:

  1. Tisca Chopra
    This reputed actress opened up about her experience in a light manner at a storytelling event. Tisca Chopra dubbed the director as ‘Reptile’ and detailed his creepy ways of getting her into his bedroom.

  2. Mamta Patel
    She had a role in Paan Singh Tomar, starring Irrfan Khan, who she accused of practicing casting couch. She refused his advances and was aghast to learn that her role in the movie had been cut short soon after.

  3. Ranveer Singh
    The incredibly famous and loved actor recently came out with his own experience of the casting couch from his struggling days. Ranveer said that the ‘sleazy’ gentleman did not even glance at his portfolio and proceeded to ask to ‘take and touch’.
    source - buzzfeed.com

  4. Preeti Jain
    One of the most publicized casting couch scandals, Preeti Jain accused Madhur Bhandarkar of raping her for the span of nearly five years, as he promised her roles in big movies and failed to actually follow through.

  5. The Shakti Kapoor scandal
    A sting operation was carried out where this man was seen making sexual advances towards an interviewer. Shakti Kapoor claimed entrapment, but the evidence proves him guilty.

  6. Payal Rohatgi
    She made it public that Dibakar Banerjee had asked her to pull up her top so he could have a look at her stomach. Her claims were denied by the director and backed by his friend, Anurag Kashyap. Banerjee accused Payal of going crazy because of losing the role for Shanghai.

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