Tighten Your Wallets! 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Big Euro Trip

Planning a trip to Europe but need to learn how to control your budget? Don’t know where and what to spend on? Confused about all things money while traveling?

No fear, because we know exactly how to help you! Here are seven tips that will help you save money on your Euro trip and have fun at the same time!

  1. Stay in hostels or homestays rather than expensive hotels. This way, you will not only save money, but also meet a bunch of exciting travelers!
    Hostel Source - budgettraveller.org/
  1. When in Europe, take the public transport! Be it the train or exploring a city by foot, you are bound to have more fun this way!
    Public transport Source - vr.fi
  1. No, don’t take a summer vacay! Not only is Europe more expensive during this season, but also packed with tourists. And you definitely want to avoid both!
    Europe in winter Source - faraweek.org
  1. Check your luggage weight, because you can be charged quite an amount on your intercity flights. Say goodbye to over packing, my friend!
    Light luggage Source - momondo.com
  1. Since you will be living in hostels or homestays, you will be able to cook your own meals and spend way less on food than expected!
    Cooking in hostel Source - hihostels.com
  1. Never, ever exchange currency at airports because it’ll only be your loss. Also, check what bank ATMs charge you less money while withdrawing. Know the best deal for yourself!
    Currency exchange Source - theseoulguide.com
  1. We get it. You want to buy souvenirs to remember your travels. Well, that’s okay, but limits yourself to just one or two per place. It’s the memories that matter after all!
    Souvenirs Source - internationaltravelmadeeasy.com/

Happy travels!