Thrill seekers! 5 of India’s Best Amusement Park Rides That You Must Try!

Credit - Zainab Haji

Rollercoasters and amusement park rides are a treat to every thrill seeker out there. Twists, loops, height or speed- the preferences are varied! But it is the adrenaline rush after the ride that is most exciting! So, we have compiled a list of the absolute BEST rides in India!

  1. Nitro, Adlabs Imagica, Pune At a height of 132 feet, Nitro is the tallest rollercoaster in India. 150 seconds of the ride will leave your mind numb and legs wobbly!
    Nitro, Adlabs Imagica, Pune Source - Adlabs Imagica
  2. Topspin, Essel World, Mumbai A recently launched ride, Topspin has made Essel World the most loved themed park yet again! A ride that spins unpredictably and stops midair only to spray you with water. Topspin is sure to make you dizzy with excitement! 

  3. Rollercoaster, Queensland, Bangalore This Rollercoaster is going to make you feel like you’re ‘on a roll’ because of the number of loops in it. Be prepared to hop in and tremble out! Rollercoaster, Queensland, Bangalore
  4. Shot N Drop, Essel World, Mumbai Shot N Drop, the tallest tower ride in India, shoots you upwards at a height of 190 ft. and free falls unpredictably. Hold your tummy tight when 3…2…1…!
    Shot N Drop, Essel World, Mumbai Source- YTimg
  5. Finger Coaster, Smaaash, Mumbai A virtual and customizable rollercoaster at your fingertips! You can design your own coaster and have the most jaw-dropping experience IN THE SAME SPOT! Awed?
    Finger Coaster, Smaaash, Mumbai Source - Askme
So, hold onto your seats and be prepared to feel faint with excitement!