THIS IS WHY! 7 Reasons Men Resist Commitment

How often have you dated guys who hate to put a label to things? They will say they love you but won’t commit. Trust us, most of the reasons are not even about you. Here are reasons why guys escape commitment more often than not:

  • He wants his playfield – Once he commits, he loses the chance to date/flirt/sleep with other women. Guys don’t like to lose their playfield unless they are sure they want it totally, absolutely, forever!
    1 Commitment Source - gettingtotruelove.com
  • Girls are more mature than guys – Commitment is like suddenly growing up and poor guys cannot keep up with reality check. They love to delay maturity and things that need effort and responsibility.
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  • He has Baggage that disturbs him – He could be a child of divorce and is scared as hell to get into relationships driven by commitment. Simply because the unresolved pain in the past isn’t letting him look at anything so long term.
    Baggage Source -relationshipsreality.com
  • He has more important priorities – Deal with it, girl!
    Changed Priorities Ahead Source - seducemeagain.com
  • He’s not gotten over his ex – HINT! Don’t leave yourself hanging, get over this guy and put your bet on someone more worthy!
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  • You’re nagging and pushing him to commit– Maybe you’re born with that skill, maybe it’s your mother. Duh!
    Angry Couple Source - Mirror
  • He just wants to sleep with you – Alrrriiiigggt! Horror Here! Wake yourself up and find someone better. Don’t be one of those women from the bunch he aspires to bang.
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Commitment is a big risk, expect it from those who can carry it off well!