This Father and Son Video on Google Search will leave you Missing your Dad More than Ever

With father’s day just around the corner, Google got us all teary eyed with its newly launched video. Check it out here:

Google’s latest video has managed to strike the right chords and reimagine father son relationship; the most underrated bond. In this video, the duo embarks on a journey, and discovers their love for Bollywood and travelling while rediscovering their hidden bond. The story features a son prompting a resistant father to take a trip down memory lane and eventually realizing his father's hidden dream. Featuring Vicky Kaushal and Marathi actor Nandu Madhav, the video is bound to make you smile and call your father and ask him if he has ever had any such unfulfilled dream that he hides in his heart. Go, hug him now! Happy Father’s Day in advance!