Think You Are Sarcastic? 7 of the Best Sarcastic Tumblr Posts

You think you love the internet because it keeps you updated and in touch with people. We say no! A big fat NO! You love the internet for one and only one reason: sarcastic comments!

And even amidst all the sarcasm, there’s a clear winner: Tumblr! From rude to rudest, Tumblr’s sarcastic quotes are so on-point that you wish you had such skills! (Keep wishing!)

  1. Straight? Gay? Or Hispanic? What do you identify as?
    Source - acidcow.com Source - acidcow.com
  2. Coming to the point, one alphabet at a time!
    Source - tumblr.com Source - tumblr.com
  3. Because someone needed to tell them where periods took place, right?
    Source - acidcow.com Source - acidcow.com
  4. You know what we love about Tumblr? It uses sarcasm on itself too!
    Source - acidcow.com Source - acidcow.com
  5. When someone showed them that they have friends…all ten seasons of it!
    Source - acidcow.com Source - acidcow.com
  6. “What time is Game of Thrones?” I think between the 10th and 9th caw! Sarcastic comebacks are what we live for!
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  7. Ouch, that’s gonna hurt! Also, BEST. INSULT. EVER.
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