These Bollywood ‘Meat Mashups’ are so Punny, they will crack you up!

#MeatBan was upon us and every meat lover was like, ‘You’re leaving me here without MEAT’? We came up with these 5 Bollywood songs that shout out MEAT. Come on, picture them!

  1. ‘Meat’ na Mila re mann ka from the movie Abhimaan got us hooked. This heartbreaking melody knows exactly what we were going through. We drowned all our sorrows of not getting any meat while singing this song. A more appropriate anthem hasn’t been sung! Abhimaan
  2. Gal Meat hi Meat hi Bol from the movie Aisha Hoping that saying meat on repeat would magically bring some meat to us. To whoever’s listening, please bring back our meat! PLEAAAAASE! Aaisha
  3. Meat hi di khushbu aayi from Ayushman Khurana’s private album This song brought actual tears to our eyes. All we could do was remember all those days of coming home to the smell of mom’s special butter chicken. Looked like our imagination and memories had to suffice during this period! AK
  4. Sun Meatwa from Lagaan Dear meat, we miss you, please come back soon. Sincerely, a meat lover. This love song is nothing but an ode to meat! It seemed so apt for the dark days of the meat ban. #MissYou Lagaan
  5. Meatwaaaa - KANK What better song than this? Words weren’t enough to express our love for meat. Thankfully, we had this song from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna to come to our rescue. Meat = One True Love. KANK

There’s nothing much we could do during this ban except dream about all our favourite dishes. Hopefully, now we will get to savour our favourite meat before we have a meltdown!