These 7 Ways Will Help You Trick Your Kids To Eat Better!

Getting your kids eat healthier is a common problem that every parent faces. Kids are too choosy about their food and so it becomes all the more difficult to trick them into eating better. Here are 7 ways how to make your task easier:
  1. Never label food as “good” or “bad”
You want them to eat and then again you want to label food as good or bad. Why? Just let them eat!
good bad food Source - achildgrows.com
  1. No restrictions on food
Restricting food will only increase the risk of anorexia or bulimia later in their life.
donut Source - www.healthline.com
  1. Keep healthy food at hand
Kids will eat what’s available. So it is always better to keep some healthy food handy. So as to avoid buying food items your kid would crib for.
food in the bag Source- in.pinterest.com
  1. Prepare plates in the kitchen
Having a buffet system doesn’t really help your case. Instead, serve your food plates equally in the kitchen itself. That way, your kid will learn better ways to consume equal quantity at one time.
prepping plates Source - kidspot.com
  1. Food as a reward is a big NO
This will only lead to weight problems in the near future. Rewarding them for finishing their food is rather a better option.
Food Kid Source - missoulian.com
  1. Eat together
Children who sit on the table and eat with the parents have better nutrition and are less likely to face problems in the future. Make it a tradition in your family.
Dinner at table Source - theconversation.com
  1. Consult a pediatrician
Always consult your kid’s doctor before making any significant changes in the type of food your child must consume. Don’t judge your kid as too heavy or too thin by yourself.
Pediatrician Source - globalpost.com
  Now you know what to do next time to make your child eat better.