These 7 Things Every OCD Person Would Want You To Know

Color coordinating the closet or sanitizing hands every time you touch something might not be the signs of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). But the minute someone says “Oh it’s not such a big deal!” is when people with OCD want you to know about certain things!

Here are 7 such things OCD person would want you to know:

  1. OCD is a serious mental disorder. So do not test their patience when they do a certain this in a certain way.
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  1. Some people think of OCD as a personality trait, like being a clean freak or organization of junkies. They treat OCD as a cute quirk, when actually it causes anguish.
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  1. People with OCD may have compulsive thoughts, but they don't lose touch with reality, as people with schizophrenia do. So stop treating them as psychotic!
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  1. Some people develop rituals that involve repeatedly tapping their fingers, repeating tasks in threes and checking and rechecking on things.But that doesn’t mean they keep a count on every damn thing!
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  1. They feel embarrassed about what they're doing, they think they're the only ones that are doing these things, and so they really tend to hide their symptoms from their families, from their coworkers.
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  1. OCD may accompany other disorders as well. About two-thirds of people with OCD will have at least one episode of major depression.
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  1. If someone tells you 'I have OCD' in kind of a confidential way, don't question it, just listen. It’ll help them build comfort levels with you.
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