These 7 Backpacking Destinations Will Leave You Speechless

There are so many cities and countries to explore. We’re never going to run out of places to travel to. As backpackers we love to navigate to up-and-coming counties to visit.

Here, we’ve got you 7 best destinations you’d love to have a tour of with a backpack:
  1. Columbia This place has some of the friendliest people and there’s always some or the other thing to do, see and photograph.
    Columbia Source - budgettravel.com
  2. South Africa It’s a must visit place to enjoy the beautiful beaches, to binge on great food and wine or simply go to the national park to spot animals in the wild.
    South Africa Source - giltedgeafrica.com
  3. Tibet If you’re one of those people who love to explore small villages and capture some of the uniqueness on your camera, then this is just the place you should have on your bucket list.
    Tibet Source - laotimes.com
  4. Israel It’s always a good idea to take a tour of a place filled with history and culture. Israel is one of the most fun and exciting countries to visit.
    Israel Source - coxandkingsusa.com
  5. Fiji Everybody has Fiji on their list and why not! This is by far the most incredible place filled with overwhelmingly friendly people.
    Fiji Source - budgetyourtrip.com
  6. Iceland A place with an artistic scene for its natural attraction like the mountains and plains makes it an absolute must visit.
    Iceland Source - businessinsider.com.au
  7. Sri Lanka If you’re looking for a place full of wildlife viewing, tea plantations and beaches, then this is the most reasonable place to vacation.
    Sri Lanka Source - letstravelsomewhere.com
So we’ve got you covered for this year at least. Go travel!