These 7 Amazing Camping Gears Are Just The Thing You’re Going To Need

Leave those old-school bedrolls in the store room and get some trendy camping gears for your next trip. We bet your camping is going to get a little more comfortable.

Here are 7 such camping gears which fits well in the cargo space of your SUV:
  1. Tent - A solid base camp means more than a dry place to lay your head. Hang some mosquito netting inside, and you’ve got a 5-person tent to accommodate your ill-prepared friends.
    Tent Source - familytentcenter.com

  1. Sleeping Bag - The easy-to-find center zip eliminates scrambling in the pitch black for nighttime venting or bathroom trips.
    Sleeping bag Source - campingtourist.com

  1. Sleeping Pad - Best for cold sleepers, the polyester insulation enhances body-heat reflection that keeps you warm down to 15 degrees. So no need to pack away the camping gear when winter hits.
    Sleeping pad Source - pitchengine.com

  1. Timer Stove – No need to hover while you’re busy sipping beer around the fire, a timer ensures your dinner won’t be torched.
    Timer stove Source - outsideonline.com

  1. Foldable Cooler – Buy yourself a reinforced plastic bottom cooler. It makes this cooler durable enough to keep your drinks cold around a roaring fire.
    Foldable cooler Source - ccoutdoorstore.blogspot.in/

  1. Lantern – Camp lantern is the only light you’ll need beyond the fire. Its considerable output will shine for up to 48 consecutive hours.
    Lantern Source - bunnings.com

  1. Rain Shell – A rain shell with heavy-duty rip stop nylon and stronger-than-average stitching will keep you nearly as dry as your tent.
    Rain shell Source - aliexpress.com

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself these essentials ASAP!