Tech Savvy? Damn Right! The Biggest Announcements From Google I/O 2016

Talk about next-gen technology and Google takes the cake!

At I/O this year, Google displayed its vision for a more conversational way of interacting with technology and its new announcements have left us in awe. From a new mobile VR platform to several new products, Google has used its strengths to give these services some nice twists!

So, here are 7 of the biggest Google announcements of the year!

  1. Daydream

Google now has a mobile virtual reality platform! More powerful than Cardboard, Daydream represents a huge step to advance VR out of its early stages.

Source - digitaltrends.com Source - digitaltrends.com

  1. Allo

Google is entering the world of messaging with Allo. Along with the usual messaging features – emoji, custom stickers, etc. – Allo’s most distinguishable feature is Google Assistant.

Source - vox-cdn.com Source - vox-cdn.com

  1. Duo

A video-chatting app, much like Apple’s Facetime, Duo is dead simple to use. The star here is the ‘knock knock’ feature which allows the person you’re calling to see a video preview of you even before they answer.

Source - vox-cdn.com Source - vox-cdn.com

  1. Google Home

A small speaker with always-listening microphones that integrates into a broad range of services. Home answers questions and executes commands, relying on Google Assistant’s technology to make sense of the queries.

Source - androidcentral.com Source - androidcentral.com

  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is more like a chat app than the search based Google Now. Ask questions and speak to it the way you’d speak to a fellow human and Assistant will reply!

Source - pocket-lint.com Source - pocket-lint.com

  1. Android N

Split-screen multi-tasking, quick settings button and a new set of emoji are just a few of the new features of the faster, smarter and better Android.

Source - blogspot.com Source - blogspot.com

  1. Android Instant Apps

Google announced a new approach – loading parts of apps even if you haven’t installed them! Users can now run Android apps even without downloading them, much like Facebook’s Instant Articles.

Source - fossbytes.com Source - fossbytes.com

Google has showed it isn’t afraid of making big bets!

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