Tattoo Or Horoscope? BOTH! Tattoo Ideas And Your Horoscope For The Week!

Whether you fervently believe in horoscopes or you like yourself a good laugh, horoscopes are truly fascinating. So, here is your horoscope for the week and some cute tattoo ideas based on them!

  1. Aries This week you can put the finishing touches on a big project or seal the deal you've been sweating over. On Saturday, a full moon in Sagittarius lights up your ninth house of travel, adventure and study.
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  2. Taurus Over the two weeks following the full moon, you might deliver an ultimatum to a romantic interest or business partner who is waffling. In the game of love, make sure that lust and trust co-exist. If people are reluctant to talk it through, let them know that you come in peace and just want to make amends.
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  3. Gemini On Friday, May 20 the Sun blazes into Gemini for its annual power surge until June 20. This month-long visit has the effect of emptying your personal cache and hitting the refresh button on your life. If things haven't worked out by now, cut 'em loose—or give it some time to revive.
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  4. Cancer Did you inadvertently hurt someone's feelings or neglect to appreciate them? Now's the time for reparations. Over the next four weeks, make healthy eating and daily movement a priority. You might want to do a gentle detox, cutting out—or way back on—dairy, meat, alcohol and sugar.
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  5. Leo On Saturday, your love light will shine like a beacon thanks to a full moon in Sagittarius electrifying your fifth house of passion, fame and amour. One thing's for certain: You won't be satisfied with "business as usual" as the week draws to a close.
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  6. Virgo Ignore your wanderlust at your own peril this week. Nothing will satisfy your soul like some blood-pumping travel. But if you truly can't get away, act AS IF, by living every day with "vacation attitude"
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  7. Libra You could meet a kindred spirit in the most unlikely of places, like the latte line or a random parking lot. An acquaintance who's been poised at the periphery might step forward, revealing BFF potential.
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  8. Scorpio Your focus this week? The delicate balance of relationships, whether romantic, professional or otherwise. Relationships take on a more serious and intimate tone now, and nothing short of a total mind-body-soul connection will do.
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  9. Sagittarius One more push! No matter how tired you may be, hang in there. You're so close to the finish line! Nourish your bonds with quality one-on-one time, even if you (think you) have less of it to give.
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  10. Capricorn Nothing wrong with living large, Capricorn—just do it in moderation now. Commit to adding movement into your days. Let your socializing revolve around group hikes, Pilates in the park or epic nights on the dance floor.
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  11. Aquarius Shift out of martyr mode and make your own happiness a priority. Buy yourself flowers, do something edgy with your hair, book a massage—better yet, buy a spa package! Your talents could draw some major attention; you might even be asked to speak publicly or be interviewed by the media.
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  12. Pisces You've been flapping your wings like a true social butterfly, but if you're honest with yourself, you're getting a little tired. Family becomes your “everything” during this solar-powered phase.
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