Taste The Rain! 7 Reasons This Raindrop Cake Is The Coolest Cake Ever

Have you ever tasted the rain? You might have put your tongue out and felt a few raindrops. Now imagine a huge raindrop in the form of a cake! Sounds magical right? It looks magical too! This Japanese water cake is called ‘Mizu Shingen Mocha’. It looks like a sophisticated form of Jell-O you can see through! It is served along with soybean powder and brown sugar syrup. Darren Wong, a New York chef, went to Japan to learn about rice cakes and perfected the raindrop cake. It was first introduced two years ago by the Kinseiken Seika Company in Japan. The dish is a variation of shingen mochi, a traditional dessert made from a very soft form of mochi known as gyuhi. Here are 7 reasons why you should eat a raindrop:
1. It disappears You read that right. This cake begins to melt into a puddle after 30 minutes. This is because the cake contains water and agar which melts after a while. Eat it before it stops existing!
source - katadia.com source - katadia.com
2. It contains zero calories Zero calorie food, you guys. What a wonderful time to be alive. Here is a cake you have to eat quickly AND you don’t get fat. Also, it is a vegan cake. If you ever thought cake isn’t healthy, you were wrong!
source -  www.irishmirror.ie source - www.irishmirror.ie
3. It’s inspired by an animation movie Darren Wong said that the cake reminds him of the water drops that bugs drink in the Disney movie, A Bug’s Life. We don’t care if we’re old, we’re still going to eat Disney-themed food!
source - kurtula.blogspot.com source - kurtula.blogspot.com
4. It’s like eating water  Gone are the days when we only ate solids. Now we can eat liquids too! It is like a jelly that goes smoothly down your throat. Japanese desserts are generally strange, but this one breaks the record!
source - www.tabelog.us source - www.tabelog.us
5. It’s transparent Normally you can see the layers of a cake when you cut a slice. The raindrop cake is one that you can see through! Before it melts, watch it play with light and look like a crystal.
source - indianexpress.com source - indianexpress.com
6. It doesn’t use regular water This raindrop cake is too cool for packaged water. In the Kinseiken Seika Company shops, their mizu cakes are distinct because they use water from the Southern Japanese Alps. Made from underflow water from Mount Kaikoma, it has a pleasant natural sweetness.
source - www.grubstreet.com source - www.grubstreet.com
7. It looks futuristic If you’re wondering what kind of food we’ll be eating in the future, it’s this one. You can poke this jiggly blob as much as you want. It wiggles better than any booty out there.
source - www.lamag.com source - www.lamag.com
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