Take a Break! 7 Reasons Why a Break from Workout is Good

 “Break from working out? OMG, NEVER!”

Been there, said that. But you know what? We learnt it the hard way that taking some time off from gym is actually okay. Actually, more than okay! Don’t believe us? Here are some legit reasons why you should most definitely take a breather from your hardcore routine!

  1. You are tensed, not only physically, but also mentally. Well, you know what to do, man! A couple of weeks should relieve you from the stress!
    Stress Source - huffingtonpost.com
  1. Since you have been workin’ it so well, your muscles definitely need some time to repair themselves. Nothing better than a week off with just some light stretching involved.
    Muscle relief Source - apexnutritionllc.com
  1. Have you been feeling tired after your workout sessions? Even more than usual? Well, give your body a chance to get rid of all the fatigue or else it might end up harming you.
    Break at gym Source - gurufitnessplanet.com
  1. You know that injury that you never really recovered from? How can it if you don’t give it a chance to! Stop working out now!
    Injury Source - oprah.com
  1. Be it eating junk food or working out, overdoing anything is not good. Stay away from the gym for two weeks, will ya?
    Over working out Source - mamiverse.com/
  1. Wait a minute, what do you mean you haven’t seen your friends in a while? Or bonded with the family? All because of…gym? Stop squatting, start socializing!
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  1. A break will give you time do something new that will refresh your mind, body, and soul! Right now’s the best time!
    Break Source - smoothradio.com
  1. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, it’s time to take a break NOW! Try some new routines or just take a break from working out for a while. Feels so wonderful!
    Pilates Source - yogagen.ca/
  1. Because you can! It’s your body and your mind, which means you can do what you want! Yes, it’s only that easy!
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