T Shirts at work – Switch to a more casual look

There was a time not long ago that people wore silly looking and uptight pinstripe suits and tightly tied ties to work. No matter what the job or industry, a formal look was pretty much always desired and organizational structures followed a strict hierarchy. In this sense, it was sound logic to dress as per your career aspirations and thus a highly codified manner of dressing up was followed.

As workplaces became less formal and regimented, it emerged that dress codes could also follow that pattern of development. Casual work cultures have started to emerge, and more casual clothing patterns have followed at the workplace. Collared T shirts for men are now commonplace and some even go to work wearing shorts and crocs.

A more casual and relaxed look at the office helps tremendously when it comes to working well and meeting your work performance related targets. Clothing after all is one of the things that affect our day to day functioning the most, even though we never quite realize it to the extent that we should. A light T shirt or a long line one with light combed cotton fabric makes us feel like wearing clouds at the workplace. This also bolsters our performance and keeps us employees not dreading the metaphorical noose that the simple neck tie becomes for many working class, blue collar and white collar people. Wearing comfortable and fashionable clothes to work is an impalpably amazing feeling and is imperative to getting more work done in a harmonious manner. The start-up culture that we are currently witnessing is a testament to how far a discretionary dress code can go when it comes to boosting productivity at the workplace.

This has in turn been reflected also by the fashion industry at large. Pastel colours, more and more options when it comes to all sorts of looks within the informal – formal spectrum of things, chinos, slim fit pants, a greater variety of shirts and footwear that is acceptable at the workplace, and all these avenues have opened up to cater to a wide base of industries, companies, and work cultures.

It is now cool, fashionable, and trendy to have a personal fashion template when it comes to places at work. The work culture of the organization should ideally allow this flexibility to employees when it comes to this. A high strung investment bank like Credit Suisse may scoff at people disobeying the onyx grey and black suits, while a more trendy and broad minded workplace like Bewakoof Brands will encourage employees to wear their fashion openly without any workplace related prejudice or backlash.

Casual is the new formal at the workplace now. Broadly speaking that is. While there are avenues that strictly codify dress codes; the overall perspective is to allow fashion freedom to employees; and I for one whole heartedly welcome it. Haveli T shirt design should also be allowed. And casual phone covers like a Redmi 4A Back Cover.