Striped shirts - That retro look

“Lose yourself to Dance” is a very catchy and toe tapping rhythm song by Daft Punk. It features Pharrell Williams as vocals and Nile Rodgers on the guitar. It is an extremely funky song and its upbeat and positive vibe makes you want to dance to it. The music video for this song has a very retro look and feel to it. This is in a very stark contrast to Daft Punk’s earlier work which was very futuristic – strobe lights, disco, electronica, and techno beats that were very groovy yet decidedly artificial at the same time. The reason why “Lose Yourself to Dance” and its accompanying single; “Get Lucky” were so vastly and starkly different to Daft Punk’s earlier work for a very vital and specific reason.

The duo wanted a more retro aesthetic look, feel, and sound from their album – Random Access Memories. This is because retro is real. It is raw and primal. It is instantly relatable and creates an instant impression in the eyes of the beholder. It is real music that you can dance to anytime and anywhere.

The same is the case with fashion. More futuristic themes and lines have become vogue as of recently; but you cannot go wrong with a proper retro 60s or 70s look from time to time. There certainly lies a definite reason why these looks are considered perennially classy and stylish. The old 70s gangster look ala “American Hustle” is always going to be a classic.

This is especially true considering men’s clothing. A comic reference on a couple of printed T shirts is well and fine; and Glow in the Dark prints may be more enigmatic and exclusive, but amongst the vast range of top wear available, you just cannot beat the evergreen striped shirts for men. A simple stripe over a slightly but not too much contrasting colour does wonders for a very raw and classy look. Paired with a simple pair of preferably brown trousers and you’ve attained that retro look that will be fawned over and admired by pretty much everybody that you meet who appreciates fashion.

Such a look is not very commonly spotted these days, so wearing a clean coloured perhaps pastel striped shirt will do wonders if you want to stand out in an otherwise demure and one tone crowd. Striped shirts are well fitting and help in aiding and providing a very slim and chic look. Paired with aviators makes this combo even harder to resist. The striped shirt looks especially elegant when the underlying colour tone is a light pastel colour that is cool and casual in its fashion personality and approach.

The striped shirt is in fact a versatile piece of clothing for men that looks great when paired with the right accessories. The retro look is the best facet of this piece of clothing and must not be missed in your wardrobe for the upcoming summer season when you’d want to look your trendiest. Retro phone cases like the Redmi 4A Back Cover is also amazing