Stoned? Watch These 11 Stoner Anthems That Set The Mood

Want to enhance the high experience? Well in that case, two things should be perfect – mood and pot. Once the right strain is acquired, set the mood with good music! We have collected some music videos to watch while living the passionate pot life. Music and strains are the perfect combination, because strains make music videos look much better! So sit back, relax and chill out with the best stoner playlist out there. Here are 11 music videos that go great with smoking:
  1. Afroman - Because I got High This song was released in 2001, and it has definitely turned out to be a stoner anthem. It gave hip-hop some comedy and that’s only because he got high!

  2. Blockhead – The Music Scene ( Zed’s Dead remix) This dubstep song feels like sitting in a washing machine! The trippy animation with humans, animals and machines makes this a must watch!

  3. Kid Cudi – Marijuana Kid Cudi likes marijuana so much that he made a song about it! Is there a perfect song to listen to while smoking weed other than a song about weed? No! Kid Cudi shows a perfect day for smoking weed in the city of Amsterdam!

  4. Coldplay – Up and Up The music video of Up and Up is pure magic. Flying cars and swimming eagles, this is a visual delight! This rock band never fails to impress and music like this is the reason why!

  5. Mark Douglas – Reggae Shark Of all the reggae jams out there, the best one has to be ‘Reggae shark’. A shark that likes to smoke weed? Who wouldn’t want to watch that. Mark sings about the life of our beloved reggae shark, as he searches for weed under the ocean.

  6. Gorillaz - “Empire Ants" Feel the chill with this trip-hop music that takes people to a magical place. The animated video is an artistic treat which pairs well with the song. A slow start and a pumped up end, this song is a rollercoaster!

  7. Bombay Bicycle Club - “Home By Now” This sweet indie rock song brings a smile on people’s faces. To relieve stress, this is the kind of song that will calm one down. Accompanied with a music video produced by fifth graders, this song is adorable.

  8. Radiohead - “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” Get experimental with this experimental rock song. This song takes the listener to the edge of the earth and under the sea with (surprise, surprise) weird fishes!

  9. Air – Sing Sang Sung Sing Sang Sung, sing me a song! This happy song with a music video about a black ball rolling around a mind-bending animated world makes you feel light and fluffy.

  10. Family Guy – A Bag of Weed Love watching the TV show Family Guy? They made a hilarious song called ‘Bag of Weed’. A baby and a dog sing about how everything is better with a bag of weed! Sounds like a stoner’s motto.

  11. M83 – Wait This hallucinatory video makes one feel as if he is dreaming. The slow music is perfect for looking out at the night sky and remembering happy moments.

  Feeling romantic? If you’re done with these stoner anthems, why don’t you hop on to some love anthems?