Spending Diwali Alone? 5 Ways you can make it a Happy One

Airplane and train tickets got booked too soon? Saddened about the fact that you aren’t going home for Diwali? Well, don’t worry! There are a lot of things you can do alone this festive season AND have a great time! Here are some of the few things we think you should do when you are left (stranded) all alone this Diwali week:

  1. Gorge on mithai Diwali means mithai, mithai, and more mithai! Go to the nearest sweet shop and treat yourself to a huge box of sweets (assorted, of course)! Sit down and nom nom! Mithai
  2. Host a fancy dinner If you think you are the only one left alone, look around! There are many others riding the same boat as you are! Here’s what you should do: Plan a fancy dinner, call all those loner friends, and party until there’s no festive noise anymore! Amy Adams as
  3. Skype with family Your family is having a huge Diwali lunch back home? Well, just Skype your little sibling and your grannies! Say hello to all those family members, annoying relatives included! Come on, it’s Diwali! Make everyone happy! Skype
  4. Burst firecrackers Miss getting excited over firecrackers? Well, buy yourself some fuljhadis or crackers for grown ups like you and relive those childhood memories! Make sure you click some Instagram-worthy pictures too! Sometimes all you need to have fun is to be alone! Firecrackers
  5. Self-invitations Contact all your friends from the city, because we bet they have a huge celebration at home! Self invite yourself to their homes and have fun, because friends are like second family! Agree? Self invite

If you are stuck alone this Diwali, make sure you follow some of these tips! Think of some others as well, get ready for some alone fun, and have a fabulous Diwali!