Soup For The Soul! 7 Cold Soups That Will Revamp Your Summer!

When it’s too much effort to chew a salad, we reach for soup. But soup in the summer? No thank you. I’d rather just let the sun’s heat kill me! But these cold-on-purpose soups are chilled (duh), healthy AND refreshing! What else could you ask for in the summer!

So, before you reach for that carton of juice, try these 7 cold soups!
  1. Chilled Spanish-style Tomato soup Blanch tomatoes and blend until pureed. Season to taste. Refrigerate until nice and chilled. Serve with garlic bread!
    Source - marthastewart.com Source - marthastewart.com
  2. Watermelon Gazpacho Made from watermelon, cranberry juice, cucumber, celery, bell pepper, onion and jalapeno, this soup is a DELIGHT!
    Watermelon Gazpacho Source - marthastewart.com
  3. Sweet Red Pepper-Beet Soup Sautéed shallots, bell peppers and beets make this chilled soup one of the best options!
    Sweet Red Pepper-Beet Soup Source - marthastewart.com
  4. Cold Potato Leek Soup Potato soup’s middle name is winter comfort food. But fresh chives make this one summer-approved!
    Cold Potato Leek Soup Source - marthastewart.com
  5. Cucumber-buttermilk soup This two-ingredient soup makes a satisfying side for chicken or fish!
    Cucumber-buttermilk soup Source - marthastewart.com
  6. Avocado, Radish and Basil soup Three iconic warm-weather ingredients come together to form one of the best cold soups!
    Avocado, Radish and Basil soup Source - marthastewart.com
  7. Carrot soup Butter, honey and toasted breadcrumbs! Soooo good!
    Carrot soup Source - marthastewart.com
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