SOOOPAR! 7 Mouth-Watering South Indian Dishes Which will Leave You Wanting For More

Don’t bore yourself with the same idli-dosa meal every time you go to a South Indian restaurant. Add some variety to your meal the next time your taste buds crave for South Indian food. These 7 dishes should be definitely given a shot:

  1. Thali – One of the best ways to try all the South Indian specialties is by having a thali. It is more like a buffet where you get to try rice, curry dishes, yogurt and veggie dishes.
    Thali Source - elementshostelcom
  2. Biryani – There are about 40 different variations of the biryani in South India. The biryani is made in layers and is served with raita.
    Biryani Source - veggiebelly.com
  3. Vada and sambar – Vada looks like a small brown donut and is made of lentils. Sambar is a soup-like dish which is made of tamarind and variety of other spices. The combination of vada-sambar compliments each other just right.
    Vada and sambar Source - archanaskitchen.com
  4. Rasam – Rasam is a healthy soupy dish variating from sour to sweet to spicy. It consists of cumin, tamarind, pepper, tomato and other spices.
    Rasam Source - justhomemade.net
  5. Filter coffee – South Indian style coffee is made with a coffee filter to which sugar and hot boiling milk is added. They serve it in a steel tumbler and bowl.
    Filter coffee Source - youtube.com
  6. Uttapam – This one looks like a flattened pancake and is made of rice and lentils batter and finely chopped vegetables. Served with sambar and chutney.
    Uttapam Source - revisfoodography.com
  7. Upma – This dish is generally served hot and is made of rice to which chilies and onions are added.
    Upma Source - foodviva.com
So the next time you go to a South Indian restaurant, you know what to binge on! Read more about food and more here!