Smoked Too Much? 7 Ways to Get Out of It Before Anyone Notices

Ever seen people smoking so much that they don’t realize what’s happening around them? Your friend complaining about being feeling too woozy? Well, blame the haze!

Very often stoners take smoking up too far and end up getting so high that they can’t handle it! Unfortunately for them, they have to come down from a weed high sooner than they think! So how do stoners deal with such situations? Curious to know? Here are some ways that every pothead tries to get rid of an intense high:

  1. First of all, why do people not realize their capacity? The first thing stoners should do is know the effects of marijuana on their body and mind and never, ever go beyond their limits. Because after they start puffing, they won’t be able to control themselves, right? Hence, precaution is must!
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  1. Chug, chug, chug! No, obviously they don’t chug beer or something! They instead drink as much water as they can, because water helps our systems function smoothly. So whenever you see someone looking disoriented and drinking too much water, you know what they’ve been doing!
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  1. People experience weird things when they are high on weed which makes them panic most of the times! Which is exactly what they shouldn’t do! A golden rule to remember? Staying calm and not giving in to the weird sensations!
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  1. Stoners never step out of the house without weed objects like rolling paper or bongs if they want to get high, but the one thing they should carry with them? Black peppers! No, not to smoke them! Sniffing or chewing black peppers is known to get people out of a high!
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  1. When nothing else works, stoners often resort to taking a nice shower! Since water helps relax the body, it provides relief from a high, even an extremely intense one. Now we know why every pothead loves bathing so much!
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  1. The ultimate rescuer: coffee! Apparently a cup or two of coffee get stoners out of a particularly crazy high. When the world around them is moving in circles, coffee definitely helps to clear their minds!
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  1. Getting some air! Since stoners love ‘nature’ so much, a walk outside will definitely do the thing for them! The only thing they should keep in mind is not going far away from their neighbourhood, or else risk getting lost!
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