Smart Technology! 7 Surprising Things Your Smartphones Will Be Able To Do Soon

We use our smartphones for navigating, looking up restaurant reviews, sharing selfies, checking email and the weather. Oh also to make phone calls. Turns out we’re barely scratching the surface of what we can do with these tiny yet powerful devices.

Here are 7 amazing things bright minds are going to make these smartphones do in future:
  1. Gives you an instant glass prescription - A pocket-sized device that measures errors in the eye and displays a digital eyeglass prescription via smart phone. How easy will eyes check-up get then!
    Source - webmd.com Source - webmd.com
  2. Evaluates your brain health - An Android app that knows the owner’s state of mind. The app automatically measures sleep duration, length of conversations per day, physical activity, locations and time spent there, stress level, eating habits and more. Phew! What more would you want it to do?
    Source - nfillion.com Source - nfillion.com
  3. Pilots the drone - Drones are originally signaled by people or a computer, but this one can work completely on its own without external computer input. The smartphone camera provides visual data and its processor acts as the control center, coded in an app. So cool right!
    Source - digitaltrends.com Source - digitaltrends.com
  4. Detects spoilt food - The sensors also detects spoilage or contamination in the foods you buy. Your next phone message could be from that old milk carton in the refrigerator. Stay alert!
    Source - pcwallart.com Source - pcwallart.com
  5. Improves hearing aid - This smartphone app could help improve the quality of life of people who use hearing devices including hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers.
    Source - availableonline.com.au Source - availableonline.com.au
  6. Keeps your alcohol in check - Designed for patients with alcohol disorder, provides audio-guided relaxation and sounds an alarm if individuals stray near a bar they previously frequented.
    Source - loveyourliver.com.au Source - loveyourliver.com.au
  7. Detects cholesterol - Users clamp the device, similar to a credit card reader, over the phone's camera. Place a drop of blood, sweat or saliva on a test strip. Insert the strip into the device and a built-in flash illuminates the strip and an app shows results on the phone.
    Source - blacklemag.com Source - blacklemag.com
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