Single Again? You Should Definitely Do These 9 Things While You’re Single

After a serious relationship ends, it seems like many newly-single women live with a dual personality for a while. They're at once both emotionally drained from the breakup, looking for the solitude to grieve for the relationship. And meanwhile they may feel just as strongly the desire to fill their entire social calendar, to overcompensate for the lost time spent in the unhappy final weeks with their partner.

Here are 9 ways to do exactly when you are trying to bounce back from a breakup:

  1. Skip town for a few days - Sometimes you just need to get out of your place for a little while to readjust and get out of your post-breakup This doesn’t need to be extravagant at all – it can be as simple as hopping on a train to see your best friend too.
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  1. Get a massage or spa treatment - There’s something about a breakup that makes a trip to the salon chair seem like the most comforting experience ever. Getting to soothe your frazzled mind and luxuriate in the hands of your stylist feels heavenly.
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  1. Flirt - Let your light shine a little brighter around everyone you come into contact with in real life, and see what kinds of positive energy is reflected back to you. Cultivate a new kind of curious sexiness within yourself that will make you a more positive person to be around.
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  1. Clear out your music - Yep, this is an important one. Find a new anthem. Use the “suggested artists” function on your preferred music app and discover a new jam to lift you up through this tough time.
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  1. Clean your space - To honor your new life without your significant other in it, strip your bed, flip the mattress, even get a new set of sheets if you must. Invite a calm vibe back into your life.
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  1. Reclaim your sexuality - Enjoy your new singleton by figuring out what exactly it is you want out of a sexual relationship. Buy some velvet lingerie, which is absolutely essential for rolling around in bed, even if it's just by yourself.
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  1. Buy a really nice vibrator - If there was ever an occasion to treat yourself to the oral sex stimulation, the time is now! Reap all of the mood-and-health boosting side effects of giving yourself an orgasm everyday.
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  1. Use your hands - On days that you’re feeling really down, keep your hands busy to keep your mind from going idle for too long. You’ve probably got a collection of unopened cookbooks sitting attractively on your shelf, so cook. Install a new ceiling fan or learning to play an instrument. ANYTHING!
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  1. Spill your guts - Ask for an hour of your friend’s time to just talk to them, without having a back-and-forth exchange about your breakup. Set the timer and spill all of your worries and insecurities until you feel completely emptied out.
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So ladies, this is all you need to do. Pamper yourself with all that you’ve got!

Happy singlehood!