SHOCK WAVES AHEAD! These 7 Indian BEST Beaches are Not in GOA

If you are a beach baby, but have grown away from your first love; Goa, we have a sigh of relief here.

Check out these 7 best beaches of the country, which are not in Goa. Pleasure tickle:

  1. Papanasam Beach – Also known as Varkala beach is a setting that is spectacular enough to take your breath away. A sun-drenched and captivating beach, Varkala comprises a long winding stretch of cliff that extends over the Arabian Sea.
    1 Papanasam Beach Source - Indi Tourism
  2. Gokarna Beach – Long secluded beaches, serene sunsets, never ending horizons and expansive sea, it can’t get better than this.
    2 Gokarna Beach Source - Mangalore Taxi
  3. Aggati Island Beach – Undisturbed, unspoilt and unseen by many, Aggati island beach is one of the pristine beaches of the country.
    3 Agatti Island Source - Boloji
  4. Rishikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh – Why is this beach so perfect?
    4 Rishikonda Beach Source - The Hindu
  5. Tarkali Beach, Maharashtra – Well known for one of the best coral reefs in India, this beach is untouched and an absolute spectacle. 5 Tarkarli Beach
  6. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Nicobar islands – There’s definitely more to life than the rat race; Radhanagar Beach. Take a trip and stay a while.
    6 Radhanagar Beach Source - Creative lunatics
  7. Bangaram Beach, Lakshwadeep - White sands and crystal clear waters make this beach one of the best beach getaways in the country. Who wants to stay on a private island?
    Bangaram Source - Creative lunatics
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