Shirts and Joggers - That Bohemian look

Shirts for men are classy pieces of clothing and are often paired with formal pants and shoes to match. Joggers are mostly comfort wear and are worn as athleisure clothing around the house and at the Gym.

Pairing the two would seem to be a very weird experiment now, wouldn’t it? But the fact is, with denim jogger pants and a nice funky athletic pair of shoes, the aesthetic achieved with this unique pairing is something that turns out to be completely one of a kind and original. It is fascinating to see as it combines both a nice casual and fashionable look while providing ultimate comfort to the wearer throughout a seemingly long and arduous work day.

It is indeed a very bohemian and kind of stoner look that is achieved by pairing these two together. At the same time, this amazing and comfortable combo is suitable for a vast variety of occasions. You can wear it to the workplace, go out on a nice dinner date in it, go or maybe crash a party, take a hike, even work out like this if you’re so inclined. The point is, the overall look achieved is like totally groovy and cool. While some may scoff at this fashion combo as being exclusively for stoners and potheads, I assure you that they have very flawed assumptions behind those contemptuous judgements. The point of the matter is that a nice pastel striped shirt along with a denim blue jogger looks like San Francisco from the nineties. Which is to say that it looks completely baller and amazing.

This is the kind of clothing that start-up entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley wear both before and after they raise or sell their hot and young Company for tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. Shirts and joggers make you look like an awesome rebel; you do not really care about your clothing and attire, but you kind of do because at first glance, this looks really dapper and casual. This cool look can be further accentuated by having the jogger acid washed which lends an edgy feel to the whole outfit.  There are also joggers available with the recent and viral meme trending called Haveli Jokes which really makes your bottom wear eye catching, topical, and the latest in today’s fashion. Such a combo does not come up very often in today’s world of fashion; so it is made important to make hay while the sun shines.

Shirts and joggers are the trending pieces of clothing right now by a very long shot, and the best part about it currently is that they are very suitable for all kinds of body types. It is not too late to get in on this trend. Bohemian looks can also be achieved with a tribal print on a Redmi 4A Back Cover.