Shake Things Up! 11 Useful Tips for Aspiring Bartenders

Bartending looks like a fun job! We mean, who wouldn’t want to have such a cool job, right?! But, hey, it’s still a JOB and you have certain rules to follow!

So before you get yourself into it, here are certain jobs every bartending newbie should keep in mind:
  1. Keep everything clean: from the bar surface to the glasses to keeping the bottles back in their places. Trust us, the customers always notice!
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  2. Practise, practise, practise! Call some friends, make some experimental drinks. Your friends will love you for this plus you will get better at your job!
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  3. Being a bartender means never having time to sit. You always have to run around behind the bar, so be prepared to say goodbye to chairs!
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  4. Those who prefer classics will choose classics, but ask the more daring if they’d like the bar specials. Great way to impress the customers!
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  5. You are going to become a bartender, it goes without saying that you have to know your drinks. Know them so well that you can make a drink even when you are dead tired!
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  6. Bartending means a lot of measuring. It also means it’s time to brush up on your math skills!
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  7. We know it’s your job to serve drinks, but if you know someone has had WAY too much, just say NO! This one’s going to be difficult, but it kinda comes with the job.
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  8. Smile, say hello, make small talk. Be nice with your customers and we assure you they will be nice with the tips!
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  9. If you think someone at the bar is not of legal drinking age, ask for their identity cards. You will hate being the buzzkill, but absolutely necessary for the bar to follow such rules.
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  10. Remember everybody’s orders, even if the bar is crowded. If you serve them right, you will work wonders with your customers!
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  11. So your friends know that you are working at a bar. Doesn’t mean you can invite them for cheap or free drinks! Treat them as you would treat other customers!
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