Sex and Weed! Are they the Secret to Great Orgasms?

Couples who smoke together have more orgasms than you! #Justsaying

But then isn’t everything better when you’re high? Smoking pot and having sex is like pizza with loads of extra cheese burst! Go Fantasize!

Not just weed has some health benefits but also is great for ultra-intense orgasms. We wonder why isn’t everyone smoking up?

Here are 5 major reasons why you should smoke up and have sex:

  1. If you find it tough my friend to reach the climax, all you need is some wine and weed. Weed makes orgasms crazier. Specially in women. Prolonged arousal and great orgasms, do you need more proof? Isn’t your guy down on you already?
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  2. Your sexual stamina hit octaves. Outrageous pleasures become the norm everytime you are making love with your bae. G-spot and C-spot pleasures with some thigh-quivering finale is something you can’t wait to have now.
    Source - ministryofcannabis.com Source - ministryofcannabis.com
  3. If you smoke together, you are fighting lesser, of course who would have time to think beyond foreplays and some more foreplays and working on building spank-bang-banks? Ready and raring to go?
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  4. Marijuana relieves your stress and tensions of all sorts before you get into each other’s pants. Feeling frisky? Smoke up and there you go and grab her by the love handles! Welcome moans!
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  5. Play sex pot games. One game involves partner pain play with alternating licking exposed skin and teasing with the cherry ember of a smoking joint. That’s some sizzling thing to be added to your kinky to-do list. Get randy, baby!5 Marijuana Sex Life