Screw Boyfriend Goals! 9 Times Your Boyfriend Made You Want To Punch Him

So maybe your Prince Charming isn’t that charming. Or a prince. But he is yours, so that has to mean something right? While the internet is going gaga over #boyfriendgoals, you feel like your boyfriend scores no goals. Sometimes he’s the best thing that ever happened and sometimes you want to push him off a cliff. It’s okay, though. We’ve all been in that situation too. So sit back, relax, and read this article before you start getting violent. Here are 9 times your boyfriend made you regret dating him:

  1. Priority #999999 When he makes sure you’re the least important thing in his life. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy, right? *eye roll* He doesn’t come on time, doesn’t respond to your texts and doesn’t treat you right. Sigh.
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  • Stalker much? He likes to be around you. All. The. Time. Wherever you go, whatever you do, he will follow. Love overload!
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  • Tails, not wails When you wanted babies but he wanted puppies. Well, you clearly can’t give birth to puppies, so now what? You adopt a puppy. If you love animals, it’s not the worst thing ever. You live puppy-ly ever after!
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  • What’s in the oven? Is his dad a baker? Because he has some fine buns! If he lacks a heart, you can atleast appreciate his behind. Even if he’s an ass, you got to love his ass!
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  • Maid for you You know he loves you when he’d rather stay at home than go out with you. According to his parents, staying at home to let the maid in is more important. Ain’t nobody got time for dates!
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  • Eye love you? When he loves you so much, your eyeballs fall off. Love is blind, but you didn’t think you’d turn blind for real. Your eyes have become hearts that beat till you’re apart! #poet
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  • Love has no bedtime Love is when your boyfriend makes you an insomniac. He doesn’t let you sleep with his constant snoring. What do you do? You wake him up of course! Sleep is for the weak, anyway.
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  • Fast and furious, foodfoodfood You’re supremely mad at him. He tries to change the topic. He starts emotionally manipulating you with food, so you can’t stay mad. No wonder you’re becoming fat, woman.
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  • Iloveyoupleasedon’tleaveme You don’t even know if you like him, but he likes you anyway! He’s a pushover because he doesn’t want to be single. Such insecurity, much sexy. You love to cuddle and he is clingy. Perfect combo? Not really.
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