Say it Right: 7 Foods you might have been Mispronouncing!

You have an undying love for food which means that you are always experimenting with it. But sometimes it so happens that you are at a restaurant, ordering something that sounds delicious, and, oops, you have mispronounced it. Or you don’t know how to say it at all!

To save yourself from further embarrassment, we have compiled a list of the right pronunciations to some of the most commonly mispronounced foods. You can thank us later!

  1. Quinoa This food has become the new favourite wonder food, so why not learn how to say it right? Just say keen-wah over and over until you’ve got it right!
    Quinoa Source - sheknows.com
  2. Quesadillas and Tortillas Those double l’s in the spelling? They don’t exist in the pronunciation! Key-suh-dee-ahs and Tohr-tee-yahs, got it
    Quesadilla Source - udisglutenfree.com
  3. Worcestershire sauce Anyone would be confused with a spelling like this one. But just FYI, it goes like this: wus-tuh-shur!
    Worcestershire Source - fodmapliving.com
  4. Parfait Just like partay, par-fay!
    Parfait Source - Butter Cream Chantilly
  5. Foie gras Next time you are at a fancy dinner, remember this: fwah-grah. So simple, right?!
    Foie Gras Source - Telegraph
  6. Bruschetta Order all the appetizers you want, but make sure you are saying them right. This one’s pronounced broo-sket-ah.
    Bruschetta Source - azcentral.com
  7. Gnocchi No g’s in this one, nor is it pronounced like Gucci. Don’t get confused, it’s noh-kee.
    Gnocchi Source - Taste
The next time you are at a restaurant, don’t hesitate and order #likeaboss!