RUN DONE FUN! These 7 Ways Will Make Your Every Run Better

How many times have you procrastinated on your everyday run only because you’ve not had enough motivation in life? Let’s give you some fun ways to better your run and make it less boring:

  1. Run like a tortoise Yeah! No kidding! Just take your own sweet time. Don’t care what people will think. It’s your body. Let it warm up in its own way.
    Run like a tortoise Source - chatelaine.com
  2. Run with others Try getting someone’s company just so that you don’t get bored alone while running. Also, you never know how many good people you meet this randomly. It’s a total win-win situation for you!
    Run with others Source - elconfidencial.com
  3. Take a break Don’t only keep running like a maniac! Take a break, go sit on the bench in the park, sip on some water, look around, appreciate the beauty…no, not “only” that beauty, but the nature too.
    Take a break Source - time.com
  4. Run early Early morning is the best time for a good run. It’ll make you feel fresh through-out the day and your stamina will increase drastically. Seriously, trust us!
    Run early Source - mensfitness.com
  5. Pay attention to your shoes One more reason to go shoe shopping. Don’t keep running in your old torn shoes. If you avoid this one point, somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad!
    Pay attention to your shoes Source - healthista.com
  6. Good posture Very very important! Just because you’re forcing yourself to run early in the mornings, don’t add pressure to your body by stooping and finishing your run somehow. Remember, no pain, no gain!
    Good posture Source - mensfitness.com
  7. Healthy breakfast Once you’re done with your run, go have a healthy breakfast. Don’t binge on junk food or any other food you see first. You’re running to be in shape, not out of shape.
    Healthy breakfast Source - askmen.com
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