RIP HEROES – 10 Passionate Heroes Who Died Doing What They Loved

There are very few people who are extremely passionate about what they love. It’s crazy how gutsy things they do in life to fulfill what they aspire for. Here are a few of them who lost their lives while living their passion:

  1. Paul Walker – One of those action stars who lived a life full of thrills driving cars and passed away in a single-vehicle collision.
    1 Paul Walker Source - ew.com
  2. Steve Irwin – The famous television show host ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ – Stephen Irwin had an unfortunate death while filming an underwater documentary by a stingray barb pierce in the chest.
    2 Steve Irwin Source - journeys4good.com
  3. APJ Abdul Kalam – The ‘missile man’, former president of India died in IIM Shillong while delivering a lecture.
    3 Abdul Kalam Source - thebetterindia.com
  4. Phill Huges – The cricketer who lost his life within 10 seconds when he was hit by the ball in an uncovered portion of the head which resulted in a skull fracture.
    Phil Hughes Source - espncricinfo.com
  5. Tommy Cooper – A much-loved comedian who breathed his last on stage on live TV due to a massive heart attack.
    Tommy Cooper Source - lifetimetv.co.uk
  6. Alex Lowe – A mountaineer who got killed by an avalanche while climbing the Himalayas. He was regarded as of the finest climbers by his friends.
    6 Alex Lowe Source - rockandice.com
  7. Veenu Paliwal – The very famous Indian female biker, died due to during a road mishap in Madhya Pradesh.
    7 Veenu Paliwal Source - India Today
  8. Daniel DeLaVergne – An expedition filmmaker, kayaker and co-founder of Lunch Video Magazine was struck by a train and died the next while he was on his photo/video scouting mission.
    8 Daniel Delavergne Source - canoekayak.com
  9. Steve Frosette – The first person to fly around the world solo, nonstop and without refueling. He was an American commodities trader, pilot and adventurer. Died in a single engine plane crash.
    9 Steve Fossett Source - theage.com.au
  10. Mark Foo – A professional surfer based in Hawaii, who lost his life in a big wave surfing accident in Mavericks.
    10 Mark Foo Source - pinimg.com
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