REVEALED! 5 Reasons why you Close Your Eyes While Kissing

When was the last time you kissed your bae or special someone? Did you realize mid-makeout that your eyes were closed?

Don’t wonder anymore, here are reasons why our eyes are naturally shut when we kiss:

  1. Your brain certainly cannot focus on other things when there’s a strong visual stimulus. While you are swirling your tongue inside your bae’s mouth, your brain isn’t programmed to control the movement of the eyeballs at the same time.
    Source - Giphy Source - Giphy
  2. Because, it’s creepy, you don’t want to stare at them while kissing just to put them off.
    Source - Girls Ask  Guys Source - Girls Ask Guys
  3. It’s super weird to kiss with your eyes open and moan at the same time. Trust Us!
    Source - New Health Advisor Source - New Health Advisor
  4. Your eyeballs will come out, if you look that close at anything. Even if they don’t, don’t keep your eyes open, it’s bad for your eyes. Save them for the real adventure after kissing!
    Source - College Magazine Source - College Magazine
  5. People are mean, they will visualize and make mental list of facial imperfections of you. Like it? No, right? Then, shut your eyes and do the deed.
    Source - Giphy Source - Giphy
Hang in there, now you know something that others don’t!