Reasons why Dating Badass Girls is Super Awesome

Ah! The Bad Girl. Is it that they do it right in bed, is it their indifference to dating you is what turns you on? Or is it their absolute rebel side you cannot get enough of? Our favorite Badass girl, Kangana is back in Katti Batti, and the trailer is already making us crazy.  


Admit it! A bad girl is the one who drinks about 11 and a half shots of Vodka at the bar and throws up in a plant pot. She colors her hair blue and velvet (Oh Yes!), she talks of vibrators, she rides your bike better than you and can scream obscenities without apprehensions. Whhhaaat!!!! NIGHTMARE!

Now, let’s overturn your perception of a bad girl, and give you 7 reasons to date such a girl. They aren’t all that scary, may be wildly interesting. Hmm!

This is why you just must definitely date a bad girl: 1. Bad girls are not vulnerable; they are all by themselves by many notches. Take her on a date and you wouldn’t ever have to worry about paying the bill all by yourself or dropping her home all the time. They will sort it out themselves. Nice, no? Women paying check on date 2. Don’t worry about that happy hour; if you have a cocktail party at home, she is the one who gets her own beer a lot of times and shares it too. Isn’t it good to have a girlfriend who is 80% made of ‘I’m on my own’ attitude? Your savings account bloat in no time. Aahan? Robin 3. Ho ho ho! They don’t use tears as their weapon. They have brains to confront any argument quite well, unlike your expectation. Beware! Girlfriend talking 4. They are like having a ‘bro’; they can join you in the craziest of adventures you undertake. They will never shy away from having a belly aching laugh. Superr! laughing 3 5. She is a fun girl to be with and not the regular boring, ‘I use only Mac and Michael Kors’ kinds. She lives out of her comfort zone and hates to be the ‘delicate doll’. She is so fu****g comfortable in her own skin. Queen14 6. You don’t always have to be her chauffeur. She willingly takes the driver’s seat every now and then. Rab ne Bana di Jodi 7. They don’t hold back in bed either and that’s just so ummm sexy! You can explore so much more with her. The bed doesn’t just rock; it ROCKS,  when she’s down under! Delicious! movie-cocktail-wallpaper-hd-cool-7 Bad girls are sexy and unpredictable. Does that give you a ‘thoughtgasm’ in your intestines already? So if you think you have ended up dating the ‘class bee-atch’ girl and whatever that means, you do have many things to cheer about, as well. We can see you grin and frown together. And if you haven’t, you should, soon. Somewhere, every guy wants to date this bad girl, you know guys are adventurous and all, but they just don’t want to wake up with a feeling of ‘Hell Yeah, I can’t tame her’, we also know guys love their little extra limb called ‘ego’. Expert advice, try once! It’s going to be a lot of fun.