Reality Check! These 7 Photos Of France Will Kill Your Expectations

France is a lot more than tourist attractions and not all that fancy. Reality check ahead!

Here are 7 expectation Vs reality pictures of France:
  1. The oh-so-romantic Eiffel tower sets you up in a mood and then reality strikes hard. 1
  2. When Parisian Subway looks more a parking lot. 2
  3. French gastronomy doesn’t look as mouthwatering as you must have expected. 3
  4. French television is way better than what expected. Thank God for that! [video width="500" height="378" style="align: justify;" mp4="https://images.bewakoof.com/utter/2016/05/4.mp4">[/video]
  5. French universities? Well, let’s not even talk about it! 5
  6. Parisian Bistros will kill your imagination beyond limits. 4
  7. We only wish the French villages looked as good as our expectations. But no! 6

It’s sad how the reality of France has killed our expectations. But hey, it’s still worth visiting. Maybe. A little. Or no! Never mind!