Read At Your Own Risk! 7 Customs In India That Will Give You Goosebumps!

India is a land of believers and faith! But at times, this faith takes over our rational reasoning and makes us do things and follow customs without questioning them.

There are a few places in India where extremely weird customs are followed.

Here are 7 such customs and where they can be found!

  1. Nag Panchmi India has been associated with snakes since history! These venomous beings have been a part of Indian mythology and are still worshipped. On the fifth day of Shravan in the Hindu calender, Nag panchmi – the festival of snakes is celebrated across India and Nepal where worshippers feed these venomous snakes, milk and rats.
    Nag Panchmi Source - indiamarks.com
  2. Aghori Sadhus – Cannibalism and necrophilia, Banaras The Aghori sadhus of Banaras believe in ‘purity in the filthiest’. They connect with God in an unusual way. They believe in eating the remains of and having intercourse with corpses after they are burned.
    Aghori Sadhus – Cannibalism and necrophilia Source - starrfmonline.com
  3. Aadi festival, Tamil Nadu On the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi, in the Mahalakshmi Temple in Tamil Nadu, priests smash coconuts on the heads of thousands of devotees for good luck.
    Aadi festival Source - zaysmith.com
  4. Govardhan Pooja, Madhya Pradesh In Bhiwdawad village in Maharashtra, the Govardhan festival is celebrated a day after Diwali on Ekadashi. Villagers decorate their cattle and lay down on the ground allowing cows to walk over them. It is believed that doing so will make the Gods answer their prayers.
    Govardhan Pooja Source - paytakhtpress.ir
  5. Madey Snana, Karnataka The Kukke Subramania temple in Karnataka has an unusual custom called the Madey Snana (spit bath) where the lower caste rolls over the food leftovers of the higher castes. This is said to cure various ailments.
    Madey Snana Source - newindianexpress.com
  6. Infant throwing, Karnataka and Maharashtra At baba Umer dargah in Maharashtra and the Sri Santeshwar temple in Karnataka, infants are tossed from heights of over 50ft. and caught in blankets held by men waiting below.
    Infant throwing Source - antena3.com
  7. Bani festival, Andhra Pradesh This festival is celebrated at the Devaragattu temple in Andhra Pradesh. Every Dussehra, hundreds of devotees gather here with wooden sticks in their hands and hit each other’s heads till dawn. This is to commemorate the killing of a demon by Shiva.
    Bani festival Source - lolwot.com
So, travel to these places and witness these customs yourself!