Po-Tay-To? Po-Tah-To? We’ll Take Both! 7 Potato Recipes for Every Meal

Potatoes gonna potate. We just wanted to say that for the fun of it!

Okay, back to potatoes! The one food that’s everyone loves, no matter what time of the day! Be it mashed potatoes or crispy golden fries, potatoes are an all-day kinda vegetables! And because all of us love potatoes so much, here are some ways you can eat potatoes for every meal of the day:

  1. Hash browns are easy, delicious, and super convenient to have on your way to work! Breakfast of the champions!
    Source - shellpack.co.nz Source - shellpack.co.nz
  2. If you are craving an Indian breakfast, go with the standard yet super tasty puri bhaji. Because you know mornings cannot start on a better note than this!
    Source - chaatbhavan.com Source - chaatbhavan.com
  3. How can one say potatoes and not feel like eating fries?! Fries are the best pre-lunch snacks! Don’t believe us? Try them now!
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  4. Make a potato side dish for lunchtime. Just add spices and herbs to boiled potatoes and you are good to go!
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  5. Baked potatoes topped with cheese and your favourite toppings are the perfect option for a midday snack. Also, yummy X infinite!
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  6. We swear to god, jalapeno popper potato skins are the best potato dish we’ve ever tried! Like, EVER!
    Source - thekitchn.com Source - thekitchn.com
  7. Planning to have a light dinner? Opt for a potato and onion soup, because if there’s one thing as good as potatoes, it’s potatoes and onions together!
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Basically, potatoes are LIFE!