PINK! This Film Will Raise The Right Questions! 5 Films That Have Done The Same!

The Bachchan is back! The PINK trailer is out! In the movie, Big B plays a lawyer arguing the case of three women who are held by the police on an attempt to murder charge. But the case has several layers to it. However the trailer, shines light over the survivors of sexual assault who are victimized by the legal processes burdened by the Indian Judiciary System.

WOW! You have to admit, the trailer is loaded with suspense and is fast-paced and intense! Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Paanu, both have a powerful presence on screen and will keep us glued to our seats! Now, this film which releases on the 16th of September will question the Indian Judiciary system and also the Government! That gave us a thought! Are there films that have done the same? The message conveyed from these films, have they made an impact? Yes, they have! So here are the 5 films that have raised the right questions!

  1. Talvar
    Talvar: A must watch for every Indian! It’s a cleanly crafted film and is based on the story of Arushi Talwar whose murder still remains a mystery. Her parents, both doctors were convicted and sent to jail. The incident caused an outrage across the nation: How can any parent kill their child?  The film shows the overall investigation process with opposing investigators laughing off at each other’s theories. With Irfan Khan’s stunning performance, Talvar is a film that raises the right questions!
    source - financialexpress.com

  2. No One Killed Jessica
    This film is a serious movie about an important subject, the real-life murder of model Jessica Lal and the years-long legal proceedings that caused a nationwide stir! It’s tale of sisterhood bound by love and a journalist’s quest to find justice and the efforts by them to bring out the murderer through the world’s most powerful medium: Media! No One Killed Jessica reflects that in this politically corrupt nation, justice can be found!
    source - movieaxxo.in

  3. Peepli Live
    Oh we all loved this movie! As India is moving towards an industrialized and urban economy, Peepli Live Is a film about famers committing suicide and how the self-serving politicians aren’t doing anything about it. It’s a take on a very serious social problem with a little dose of comedy! What goes on in the minds of farmers has been portrayed beautifully in Peepli Live! That’s what the nation needs, dealing with those serious issues with a touch of humor!
    source - santabanta.com

  4. Dil Se
    We all remember this movie for its soundtrack! Very few movies had topics ahead of their time and Dil Se is one of them. It’s an unhappy tale of tough and painful imagery with love for the country against the corrupt system and terrorism. You’d just love how the director has used love and politics as the backdrop of this film. And oh! It has the evergreen and beloved: KING KHAN.
    source - santabanta.com

  5. Maachis
    Based on the Sikh insurgency in the 1980s, Maachis conveys that the youth of the nation are matchsticks that could get ignited due to the corrupt political system. It traces the transformation of a youth from a boy next door to terrorist bent on seeking vengeance against the Government! This shows that the Government should be afraid of the people and not the other way round!
    source - exoticindiaart.com

    These films have made an impact
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