Photos that Hit the Right Spot! 9 Travel Photographers that Every Wanderbug Should Follow

If you ask anyone, they will tell you that photos should have the magic to transport you to the captured scene. And even more so if they are travel photos!

Here’s a round-up of photographers across the globe who have the capability of doing just that! Perfectly capturing the essence of travel, their galleries are something to admire!

  1. Chris Burkard

If we had to describe this self-taught photographer’s travels in one word, it would be goals! His photographs depict his love for travel and adventure in the best way possible!

Chris Burkard Source - chrisburkard.com
  1. Steve Davey

Steve Davey’s ability to capture the beauty of the world, especially festivals, is just breathtaking!

Steve Davey Source - wanderlust.co.uk
  1. Erica Camille

We have yet to come across a gallery as beautiful as Erica’s! Documenting several countries and their people, this photographer is one to follow!

Erica Camille Source - ericacamilleproductions.com
  1. Pushpendra Gautam

One of India’s Top 50 photographers, Pushpendra Gautam’s travel photographs will have you packing your bags!

Pushpendra Gautam Source - pushpendragautam.in
  1. Sudhir Ramchandran

Sudhir’s photos have a kind of surreal feeling that only few can capture really well! Check out his gallery now!

Sudhir Ramchandran Source - sudhirramchandran.com
  1. Lauren Bath

That moment when you look at a photograph and you go, “Wow, I wish I was here!” Yes, Lauren’s photos do exactly that for you!

Lauren Bath Source - adelaidenow.com
  1. Captain Suresh Sharma

This Indian Air Force Captain turned travel photographer shows the unexplored and truly magical side of India through his photos!

Captain Suresh Sharma Source - betterphotography.in
  1. Ami Vitale

A National Geographic photographer, Ami has traveled over 90 countries and photographed pretty much everything: from war zones to wildlife!

Ami Vitale Source - fubiz.net
  1. Jodi Ettenberg

A lawyer who gave up her profession to see the world, Jodi’s photographs will not only give you a serious case of wanderlust, but also food porn!

Jodi Ettenberg Source - legalnomads.com

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