Pedal Up! 9 Reasons To Kick-Start Your Cycling Routine

Ever got bored of the treadmill or Zumba? It’s time to start with the most basic routine you can pick on: cycling! And here are 9 Reasons why:

  1. It’s the most basic exercise you can do every day without getting bored of it.
    Source - popsugar.com Source - popsugar.com
  2. Cycling is easy on your body.
    Source - pulsin.co.uk Source - pulsin.co.uk
  3. It helps in building overall strength, especially the leg muscles.
    Source - womenshealthmag.com Source - womenshealthmag.com
  4. Cycling keeps your heart healthy.
    Source - healthnetpulse.com Source - healthnetpulse.com
  5. It helps reduce your stress levels.
    Source - xootr.com Source - xootr.com
  6. It improves on your muscle toning.
    Source - livestrong.com Source - livestrong.com
  7. Cycling is one of the best way to burn calories. Burn ’em now!
    Source - plazmedia.com Source - plazmedia.com
  8. It works like magic on your cardiovascular health.
    Source - physiocanhelp.ca Source - physiocanhelp.ca
  9. It builds endurance and stamina over time.
    Source - wabiburien.org Source - wabiburien.org
So start cycling!