Passionate travellers! 7 Things You Should Do After You’ve Finished Travelling

You search for your keys, open the door and drop your luggage on the floor. Finally, you’re home. What now?

After travelling, we all get into that phase where getting back to your old routine seems like Mission Impossible – and you’re not even Tom Cruise! Although it’s great to be back home, you got in the rhythm of new experiences. Don’t worry, life at home can be fun as long as you make it interesting.

Life at home doesn’t mean the fun has ended. You can pump it up by doing things such as these! :


  1. Redecorate
    After coming back from travelling, home can be a bummer because it looks the same. Where’s the surprise element? This calls for a change. Redecorate your place, move furniture around and if you’re a painter - paint your walls with a different colour!
    source - bathroom.paperhatco.com

  2. Enjoy the city
    Time for a throwback. You should go to that local restaurant you love so much or walk down your favorite street. Notice all the changes that happened while you were gone and visit places in your city that you’ve yet to see!
    source - wallpapersiq.com

  3. Chill in bed
    The time has come, to chill in nothing but your bed! Grab everything you need, dump it on your bed and just relax. Order food online, spend all day in bed. Don’t leave unless it’s a bathroom break (or that pizza you ordered!).
    source - wefollowpics.com

  4. Get a new hobby
    Now that you’re back home, maybe you can brush up on your skills. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Get out of your comfort zone so home doesn’t feel like home! Pick a new hobby and start classes immediately!
    source - withlovela.com

  5. Take care
    Now that you’re home, you should really let your body loose. Forget soap, take a long bubble bath to ease yourself. Moisturize your body and have a balanced diet. Sleep off so that your body adjusts after jet lag. For a few days, you have the permission to be as lazy as you like!
    source - pinterest.com

  6. Edit your photos
    You took over a million photos, we’re sure of it. Now’s the fun part – looking at them and making an album! You can edit photos online that didn’t come out well. Print some of them and frame it on your wall if you’d like!
    source - justeclectically.com


  1. Tell your friends
    It’s not time for bed, but we still want you to tell us stories! Meet up with your friends and tell them your tales of adventure, whether you went cliff diving in Spain or wandering through the streets of Morocco! Teach us about the world, traveller guru!
    source - 67.media.tumblr.com


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