Parliament Or POGO? 7 Times Twitter Took A Dig At Rahul Gandhi!

For every action, there is a social media overreaction!

This seems to be the motto of Twitter and when it comes to Rahul Gandhi, Twitter users lose their sh*t!

Rahul Gandhi, the Vice-president of Congress is not…umm…subtly put, in the good books of twitter users (read everybody) and so he has become quite the laughing stock.

So, here are 7 tweets about Rahul Gandhi that will leave you in splits.

  1. Ouch! 1
  2. This post…! 2
  3. Hmm… 3
  4. #GadheKiShaadi 4
  5. He is an inspiration! 5
  6. *cries* 6
  7. Oops! 7

Whatever the case, we love Rahul Gandhi and truly support him!

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