Paperback or Hardcover? 7 Arguments All Readers Have

If there’s one thing that avid readers can do very well, it’s holding arguments and winning them!

So what happens when two readers come together to ‘discuss’ books? Well, a LOT of arguing! And even then, there are some topics that we readers absolutely love to argue about, some favourites being:

  1. Who’s the worst villain? This one’s a tough one, but you can often hear us comparing the misdeeds of some of the most famous book villains. We mean, it’s so difficult to choose which one’s the worst: Voldemort or Umbridge!
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  2. Physical books or ebooks? This one’s a recent dilemma we found ourselves in. The smell of books vs. the number of books the Kindle stores. Who are we kidding? Physical books!
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  3. Rowling vs. Tolkein If you have read Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, you obviously have difficulties deciding which one’s your favourite. If you are anything like us, you know it’s both of them, but a little arguing doesn’t hurt anyone!
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  4. Is Stephen King really that great? We love this one! Is Stephen King really as good as his fans claim he is? Is he? IS HE? Well, get hold of a King fan and start arguing!
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  5. To buy or not to buy Even though this might not be with another person, we are always arguing with ourselves whether to buy more books or not. Our bookshelves are proof that we lose every single time.
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  6. So many editions First edition by your favourite publisher or a translated version by a different publisher? Which one does justice to the book? Read all the editions before you get into such an argument!
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  7. Genre Is fantasy more detailed than historical fiction? Are young adult books well-written? Should one read self-help or avoid them completely? Well, a healthy discussion might give you an answer to these questions.
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