Our madness for fitness helped us launch our blog - FitFeature

I genuinely believe in the importance of health and fitness. My friend Somesh and I share the same thought process. The two of us can actually sit in a bar (which we rarely do) and seriously discuss workouts and healthy eating (notice the irony). That’s how we decided to launch our blog: FitFeature. Doing it together helped us overcome our inhibitions and actually pursue what we were passionate about. The blog is a genuine attempt (hopefully successful) - to enhance the mind-set towards health and fitness in the country. We’ve started out by exhibiting stories of people from all walks of life, who make a conscious effort (big or small) towards a healthy living. We feel these stories are relatable and will help inspire people to incorporate healthy habits

I am currently working at an ad agency, in Lower Parel and I live in Oshiwara, Andheri. Client servicing isn’t my forte but I feel this job will only enrich my experience. I simultaneously work on the blog as well. I hate missing my workout in the morning, so my day starts at 6:30 a.m. For our blog, we put up our posts during the week and interview people on weekends. We have been doing this for two months now and my friend and I absolutely love every bit of it! We interview people from different backgrounds with a plethora of perspectives to share and we genuinely believe people can learn from these experiences. The response we get on certain posts is incredibly gratifying and it motivates us to persevere and keep at it. I feel I’m able to balance it all out well, especially because the blog is complete team effort. The only thing that’s a tad bit compromised is time spent with friends. I feel it’s always hard in the beginning, but as long as one enjoys the process, there’s no stopping.