One Second, What!? 9 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice

Sometimes, the perfect timing can make or break a photo, turning it into a hilarious coincidence or a beautiful illusion. But it’s altogether a different fun if they turn out really funny.

Take a look at these 9 pictures and we bet you’ll have to look at it twice:
  1. Metamorphosis happened? Kind of!
    Source - babelque.com Source - babelque.com
  2. Woah! Is that The Flying Dutchman? Looks like it yeah!
    Source - brightside.me Source - brightside.me
  3. Dog trapped in a bubble, or just freeze-frame picture!
    Source - worldinsidepictures.com Source - worldinsidepictures.com
  4. Because man took inspiration from birds. So don’t forget us, human!
    Source - linkbeef.com Source - linkbeef.com
  5. Flickering beauty. Gosh, so hot! Literally.
    Source - worldinsidepictures.com Source - worldinsidepictures.com
  6. Dog? Reindeer? Dogdeer?
    Source - amazingonlinemagazine.com Source - amazingonlinemagazine.com
  7. Dragon fly’s learning the art of mirror selfies. Because, why not!
    Source - pinterest.com Source - pinterest.com
  8. Do you take this simpleton “owl-faced” person as your husband for life? I dooo….not!
    Source - dailystar.co.uk Source - dailystar.co.uk
  9. 1EarUp done just right!
    Source - doublemesh.com Source - doublemesh.com
Tell us if you know of more such perfectly timed pictures.