On the Rocks! 9 Destinations You Should Head to for Rock Climbing

Remember that time when you wanted to go beyond your strengths? Challenge yourself to something out of the ordinary? Well, nothing like a rock climbing adventure!

These nine destinations are just perfect to let go of your fears and live! Set out now!

  1. Matha Buru Hills, West Bengal The right balance between easy and difficult, Matha Buru hills offer a lot to those who aren’t pros just yet!
    Matha buru Source - bahadurclub.org
  2. Hampi, Karnataka With boulders strewn all over the landscape, Hampi is a dream site for rock climbers, amateurs or otherwise!
    Hampi Source - xtremespots.com
  3. Sar Pass, Himachal Pradesh For those who dare to do, this is a perfect destination to channel your inner adventure junkie this summer!
    Sar pass Source - treklocations.com
  4. Madhugiri, Karnataka Which climber doesn’t fantasize of scaling the second largest monolith in Asia? We mean, you need to do this!
    Madhugiri Source - treklocations
  5. Badami, Karnataka The rocks here are steep as they come! Once you are done climbing, explore the magnificent cave temples here.
    Badami Source - shyamgopan
  6. Pavagadh, Gujarat An easier climb with a few challenges on the route, Pavagadh is the ideal place if you are looking for something not too strenuous.
    Pavagadh Source - tripigator.com
  7. Dhauj, Delhi Just 55kms from Delhi, this natural rock climbing surface is perfect for beginners.
    Dhauj Source - adventurenation.com
  8. Shey Rock, Jammu & Kashmir For both beginners and pros, this place is a hot favourite among climbers. Reach the top only to be mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding landscape!
    Shey rock Source - peakadventuretour.com
  9. Manikaran Spires, Himachal Pradesh Get your thrill on like never before at these spires. C’mon, you know you can do it!
    Rock climbing - Feature Source - rishikeshtravelagents.com
Pack up some courage and leave!